Friday, April 29, 2005

Hair Ritual

In Jennifer Lawler's book, TKD for women, there is a short section on what to wear in class--how women can make TKD uniforms work for them, etc. She also discusses what to do with your hair: if you have long hair, she says, it needs to be out of your way. Pull it back into a ponytail, or "get a shorter haircut."

I have long hair.

I'm not getting it cut for TKD. No way.

I have a hair ritual that I do for TKD--and ballet, for that matter (my hair's too wavy and thick to put into a ballet bun). I pull my hair into a half-ponytail, which I secure with a flat barette. Then I put the rest into a regular ponytail. Sensible, not bad-looking, and easy! And, hey, I like the way it swings behind me when I do my high roundhouse in your face! :-)

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