Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why I'm home today . . .

So maybe you're wondering why I'm home today, writing about Tae Kwon Do and Philosophy (see the posting below) and not at Tae Kwon Do class. Well, we decided to put off our class until tomorrow. Robbie said he was "tired" so I suggested a Wednesday-Saturday schedule for this week.

It works for me. I'm tired today, too--I took the Tuesday ballet class this morning, which was great. There were just 4 of us (I was really hoping to see Katharine, but she wasn't there) and the sun shone in the big windows.

It is always, always great to do ballet. I just love the way it feels to work out at the barre. Those plies--the way you need to get your body into alignment, the way you both bend down and pull up at the same time. The graceful port-de-bras. Man, it is so wonderful. And we had longer during this class, I think. We worked on ballenets and I finally got them! Brush-fold, step, step. Brush-fold, step, step. We also worked a bit on turns, and once again I noticed that since I began taking Tae Kwon Do, turns have been easier. There's a lot of balance in both arts, and spotting to the front is important in both.

I'm going to do ballet again on Thurs. That means my week will be Mon: swim. Tues: ballet. Wed: Tae Kwon Do Thurs: Ballet. Fri: day off! Sat: Tae Kwon Do. Can you tell I love/need to move?

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