Thursday, March 17, 2005


There are some days when it is a real struggle to get myself moving. This afternoon's Tae Kwon Do class was one of those times.

I had ballet this morning, and that went fine, but between ballet and Tae Kwon Do, I spent some time in the dentist's chair getting a crown put on. It is a nice crown, and replaced a temporary one which didnt' fit well. Still, the ordeal of being there really wore me out.

Granted I did have a hour-plus ballet class this morning AND was awakened AGAIN last night by Eli who keeps having bad dreams . . .

Needless to say, I was a bit slow in class. But, as usual, as class went on, I got my energy level back a bit.

If I had to think about exercising, most times I wouldn't do it. That's the way it is with swimming (I swim laps). Most days, I just kind of go and don't think about it. If I did, I would not go! But I get there somehow without thinking, I swim, and I do feel better.

Today we worked out with a re-breakable board. It looks kind of like an old-fashioned slate. You kick at it like a real board, and it "breaks" into two pieces . . . which are then fitted back together for the next person! I practiced my reverse kick, which worked--that time. I felt lucky as my balence was not good today.

Bruce also appeared about half way through class! I put an exclamation point there because seeing him there made me happy. He was there after riding his bike down to the bike shop for a spring tune-up. Unfortunatly, he got to see both the boys go into sulking fits because of minor sparring injuries. "It's a contact sport," I told both of them when they were done sulking. "You're going to get hit sometimes, and it will always be an accident. Remember what happened to my finger when I was working out with Brian?"

Bruce got to see me do one of my GOOD flying side kicks. "Nice technique," said Mr. Houtz :-)

There are some days when it's really hard to get writing. This evening was one. But--as usual--just doing it gets momentum going and before long, I've written a posting.

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