Friday, March 18, 2005

The problem with a digital camera

. . . is that it does not react to the shutter button immediately. There's this pause while it automatically focuses, etc. So what I have is some photos of "just after" something happened at Tae Kwon Do.
Like this one of me just after I did a really good flying side kick (honest!)

And this one of Alec just after he hit the pad with his flying side kick!

You photo-savvy folks: any ideas of how to avoid this problem?

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monkeygirl said...

Your camera should have a setting for sports or action photos with improved shutter speed. Or a setting that allows you to take 6 or 7 photos quickly in succession. Play around with those features and get the timing down. If you don't have the features, I guess you're stuck trying to guess what will be a good picture before it happens. In that case, a nice disposable camera can be good for belt tests/tournaments/etc, so you can take photos quickly with good quality, and then ask for the photos on disk when you develop the film.