Thursday, March 31, 2005


OK. A happier note than yesterday's.

We did flying side kicks at the end of Tuesday's class. I was glad. I think I finally have them figured out.

It's kind of like a sewing machine. When you need to pivot your seam at a certain point, it helps to shorten up the stitch length so you can hit that spot exactly. Same with flying side kicks. You need to shorten your running step length so that you can hit that jumping spot exactly right.

So I do it, twice. Someone brings over cushions to jump over. Brian does it and encourages me to. (When Brian does a flying side kick, the force of the kick pushes Mr. Houtz back! Oh, to be susbstantial in size!)

I'm not sure about jumping over a cushion. So I try just one. It works! Just before I jump, I notice Mr. Carter entering the dojang. After the jump I ask Alec and Jacob's dad "Did he see me?"

Master Hughes then enters. He chats with various people and watches the jumping, too. Next tim, I ask for two cushions. I pause before I run, silently willing Master Hughes to turn around and see my jump. I ki-hap and run, jumping high and strong. Did he see me?

"Beautiful jump, Jane!"

He did!

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