Friday, February 18, 2005

Jane the Writing Prof

You know, if there's anything I want to teach my students it's the concept expressed in the quote below: that an ability to become fascinated with new ideas, activities, etc. can lead to a wonderfully exciting life.

I do some freelance writing, and I told my Professional Writing Students about the articles: one on photo voltaics, one on renovating old houses, and one on driveway cracks. One student, a fairly smart one, wrinkled her nose. "Driveway cracks?" she said. Meaning "how boring!"

But I would argue that to be a writer, you have to have a capacity for fascination. Maybe to be a student, you need this, too. What do you think?

Back to Tae Kwon Do topics next time. I just had to say more about that cool quote.


Devon Ellington said...

Absolutely! Fascination is a must.

One of the things I like about being a writer is that I can puruse anything of interest and communicate my excitement to others.


Devon Ellington said...

Uh, that should read "pursue" in the previous post. Sorry. Too many hours on the computer today and my eyes hurt!