Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Eli and Books

Eli got very frustrated yesterday in class when he couldn't do Chun Jee, the first form. He stomped off and sat glowering on one of the folding chairs along the back wall. He hit me angrily when I came to sit by him.

We're still working on his bad temper (it's a long process), but I thought I could help him learn the form. We worked on it later that evening in the living room, and today (in the kitchen), he was able to do the whole form, heaven and earth, from beginning to end! OK, his stances and blocks need some work, but the trickiest thing about that first form is learning how to turn and where to turn next. I'll have him practice once more before we go to class, and then he can do it for the teacher.

Now, on to one of my favorite topics: books. It makes sense for me to buy a Tae Kwon Do book, doesn't it? I am looking for a good book that will give me nice pictures, good advice, and maybe some info about Tae Kwon Do philosophy, whatever that might be. I was looking at two of them, available through Tae Kwon Do: State of the Art, and Tae Kwon Do: a step by step guide. Haven't decided which one yet. I think maybe the latter.

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