Sunday, January 09, 2005


So what is this thing with martial arts and uniforms?

That was the first thing they did when I got there on Saturday--get me a uniform. It's white with Hughes Institute of Tae Kwon Do on the back. Ms. Pryor helped me tied it up and checked to see it fit right (I'm a size 3, apparently). I felt like I was wearing white cardboard. But when I looked in the mirror, I looked kind of cool. Reminded me of when I first put on the kilt/doublet in college. I thought I'd look silly, but I did look kind of cool in it.

In the dojang itself, everyone was wearing at least some of a uniform. Most people had on the whole outfit, kimono-style jacket; stiff, wide, white pants; belt of some color. My belt's white, of course, color of the beginner. Some had different color uniforms; some were wearing t-shirts instead of the jacket--that would be my preference. It added a bit of individual style to the room. I guess there are some advantages to us all wearing the same thing: don't have to think about what to wear. Don't have to have several outfits. Everyone looks equal. However, doesn' it seem like it might be nice to add a bit of a twist to what you wear? Like the way I have a bunch of colorful, tight-fitting t-shirts to wear over my leotards?

Here's another thing about the uniform: it made me stand and move in a certain way. I was used to doing little ballet moves between doing tae kwon do stuff when I worked out with the kids in my running pants. But you can't do any ballet moves in stiff white jammies! They made me stand with my arms stiffly at my side . . . kind of forced me into a Chum Bee stance. Maybe that's the intent, too: equlity and the right stance.

Maybe other unforms do the same thing. I know the tight lycra of my leotards certainly helps me pull up and stand straight! Like . . . what do they call girdles now? Foundation garment?

Master Hughes said at one point "We bow in Tae Kwon Do--kind of like in the military when we salute." I'm not sure I like that comparison. I'm not sure I want to be in something that's "like the military" . . . but it is MARTIAL arts . . . I think I have to get used to that.

OK. So here's the question. Should I get one of those t-shirts that says Tae Kwon Do Mom or maybe this one that says "TKD Mom"?

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Anonymous said...

Yo big sis.
I think you should get the t-shirt for sure. But see if you can get them to put "Don't f*(& with me!" on the back :-)