Sunday, August 12, 2007

Portaging Movie

Here is a movie of me getting ready to portage a 70-pound canoe across a 50-yard path between two lakes. The two program assistants, Eric and Sarah, helped me heft it up, then I was on my own to walk with the canoe balanced on my shoulders. (It has a padded yoke.)
It was hard work but very satisfying!
Portage Movie


TKD Rocker said...

Haha, well, it's not TKD, but it's something! I've recently started training in Okinawan Kenpo Karate Kobudo. I already knew some of the weapons kata, but I'm totally lost on the openhand. The Kyoshi is crazy good, though. He lived/trained with Master Odo in Okinawa for several years in the 60s. Anyway, that's really fun, but I'm having to take a break from everything for about a month because of a stupid back injury. Grr..

La Hormiguita Cantora said...

I read the post before, from May, and I want to know if you are going to continue posting. I'd love to read the taekwondo adventures of a mother, of a woman, because it's not common to find something like that on the internet (that's a surprise, isn't it?)

I practiced TKD in South America several years ago, and I became blue belt. I had to quit because of an injurie (grrr) and now I'm starting all over again in a new US school... from white belt. Well, I'm a yellow belt now anyways... *sigh* LOL

Have a nice week,

steve said...

Hi, Hope you are still doing TKD. I came across your Blog a couple of days ago and have started reading it through from the beginning ( have now read the first year of your blog).

Am finding it really interesting becuase, I started TKD just a few months after you and like reading about the similarities and diferences between your training and mine. Also my children are also doing TKD and the eldest is still attending but not enjoying it like he used to.

I may post a bit more about the diferences between your training and mine if you are interested?

having only looked at your first year of training I must say your front snap kick looks awesome already and also your jumping side kick break.

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog, a year to late but anyhow. I'm a Norwegian girl who's been practicing TKD for over 10 years. I have 2 dan black belt, and I loved reading through your blog archives, seeing your progres.. I hope you start blogging again soon.


Alan Alabama said...

I'm looking at your picture in the upper left top corner of your blog. Your hand placement is incorrect. You are supposed to be blocking your solar plexus. Move your hand up. No offense intended. We all have little things that needs tweaking. If your style actually does it that way please let me know.
Alan Alabama
2nd degree BB WTF

Anonymous said...

TaeKwonDo doc in Sundance, 'Kick In Iran' please pass it along :)

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Steve said...

It's wonderful to see women taking up martial arts.
Great post!

Jason, VP Tae Kwon Do said...

Glad to see you posted one more. But then stopped? Tae kwon do moms are hot.

TKD Uniforms said...

I love how dedicated you to martail arts, especially TKD. I think more people should study and learn a martial arts for a better life style.

Mr. Martial Arts said...

Good post! Love to know most women are taking martial arts!

Kenneth Gibbons said...

I believe the Korean Martial Arts are the most practical defense systems. I like this page.

Kenneth Gibbons said...

I have four cats of which three I adopted from a shelter and one I saved from the streets. The one cat named Angel who I rescued from the street had a chip. However, when the owners were contacted they did not want her back so I kept her. We discovered she has multiple cancers. One year later she is doing well with the help of a NYC animal hospital.

I love your article.

Pets-Kids Photography said...

I recently started taking martial art for self defense. Your blog is a real inspiration to me. Great Job!

Alexandra said...

It is so inspiring to know that you are a mom and also martial arts educated!

Alexandra said...

It is sad that there are many diabolical beings out there victimizing women. What is more tragic is the assault on children. Martial arts should be part of the school curriculum.

Female Martial Arts Videos said...

Unfortunately it appears that the link to the movie is broken. Or maybe my computer is just acting up.

Troy said...

Are you back to training yet. I loved reading your post. It certainly inspired my own training.

Oz said...

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